SIR provides research-based insights and strategic consulting

that drive the success of our clients.


(Like the big guys, only smaller.)



We’ve been helping organizations for five decades:

SIR is one of the most experienced marketing research firms in the country.

 Since 1965, SIR has delivered marketing research, strategic consulting, and keynote speeches to an incredibly wide variety of clients and partners.

Over the past 50 years, we have conducted over 14,000 research studies, including quantitative, qualitative, ethnographic, home-use testing, and other methodologies.

But it’s not just about the numbers, our research always comes with strategic recommendations on what to do next and how to best share the insight you have gained.

 We apply a generational lens:

As nationally-acclaimed experts on generational dynamics,
we bring things to our work others can’t.

Through our keynote speeches and research-inspired insights into generational dynamics, we’re helping companies, organizations and even entire communities prepare for a better tomorrow. 

Many scenario planners do not focus on the people factor – the change agents, if you will. In all of our briefings, workshops, and presentations, we provide a fundamental understanding of generational dynamics, and then explain how each might influence tomorrow.

Our briefing sessions go beyond standard research reports. They are good for boards, executive teams, and key internal teams—especially marketing and customer service—and for customer or client events.

 Marketing is in our DNA:

Our leaders have deep backgrounds in marketing and communications.

Seasoned professionals with backgrounds in research, marketing, and sociology work together on client assignments,allowing your project to benefit from a wide variety of perspectives and actionable expertise.

With our finger on the pulse of key trends impacting the future, many clients have engaged SIR to lead and facilitate strategic retreats, working sessions, and meetings.

Clients who bring in SIR to direct such sessions with their leadership ex-pect us to stretch the boundaries and encourage new ways to think about addressing strategic issues.

We’re very effective in opening the eyes (and ears) of participants to alternative ways forward.

We are trend masters:

Knowing what’s ahead helps our clients stay in front.

Drawing from the latest qualitative and quantitative research techniques, the SIR research team keeps our fingers on the pulse of the latest social and demographic trends affecting our society today. 

The Southeastern Institute of Research, Inc.

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